Week 9 – 2019


EMOM x 10 
20 Double unders + 1 Snatch 

EMOM x 10 
Min 1 – 3 Front squats (taken from the floor)
Min 2 – 10 Handstand push ups 


3 rounds 

Min 1 – Assault bike 
Min 2 – Rest 
Min 3 – Max toes to bar 
Min 4 – Rest 
Min 5 – Assault bike 
Min 6 – Rest 
Min 7 – Chest to bar pull ups  
Min 8 – Rest 
Min 9 – Assault bike 
Min 10 – Rest 
Min 11 – Bar Muscle ups 
Min 12 – Rest 


Power clean 
5-5-5-3-3-3 (touch and go)

Every 5 minutes x 5
3 Power cleans 80/50kg
9 Deadlifts 80/50kg
12 Bar facing burpees 
21/15 Calorie row 


Spilt jerk

one rope climb between each set 


3 Rounds 
400m run
21 Kettle-bell swings 24/16kg
12 pull ups 


Throughout the CrossFit open Friday’s workouts will be programmed, once we know the open WOD for that week, and will be a chance for you to practice some of the movements coming up.

Congratulate everyone who took part in 19.1 this Saturday, the atmosphere in the gym its amazing to watch you all give it 100% and support one and other.

Remember you need to Submit your score on the CrossFit games website by the end of Monday and if your still interested in signing up you still have until the end of the day on Monday to do this.

 Next week we have a weightlifting competition at Hummer box Inca on Saturday, and most of our coaches are competing, so we will be moving the open to Sunday next week starting at 10am 


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