Week 8 – 2019


3 rounds 

3 minute AMRAP
25/20 Calorie row
20 Shoulder to over head 50/35kg
Max bar muscle ups 

3 minutes rest 

3 minute AMRAP 
25/20 calorie Bike 
20 Hang cleans 50/35kg
Max handstand push ups 

3 minutes rest


In teams of 2

75 Wallballs 9/6kg
60/45 Calorie Row
45 Toes to Bar
30 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20”


6 rounds alternate between A and B 

 A) 3 minute AMRAP 
400m run
15 Dumb-bell Thrusters 22.5/15kg
Max Chest to bar pull ups 

rest 3 minutes 

B) 3 minute AMRAP 
400m rum 
15m Dumb-bell front rack lunge 22.5/15kg
Max Dumb-bell snatches 22.5/15kg 


10 minute EMOM
Odd: 5 Power cleans
Even: 5 Front squat

3 rounds 
11 hang power cleans 60/40kg
22 Lateral hopes over the bar*
33 Kettle-bell swings 24/16kg

  • For Bar hopes over and back = 1 rep
  • 12 minute time cap

? ? ?
For the next 5 weeks throughout the CrossFit open Friday’s workouts will be programmed, once we know the open WOD for that week, and will be a chance for you to practice some of the movements coming up 

5 Reasons you should sign up for the CrossFit Open 

1) Connect with the worldwide CrossFit community

One of the greatest aspects of CrossFit is the community, and turning up to train each day to go through the shared suffering of each workout builds great friendships and camaraderie.

Now you get todo this on a world wide level with hundred of thousands of other Crossfitters experiencing the same hardships, triumphs, and sense of achievement that you will.

2) You might surprise yourself 

Stepping out our comfort zone is always easier said then done.
For the next five weeks you have a chance to see what your really capable of. 

3) Learn first hand just how good the top athletes actually are

In how many other sports do you get the chance to do the same event as the top athletes in the world, with the CrossFit open your be doing the same workouts as Mat Fraser and Tia-clair Toomey  

4) It’s suitable for all fitness levels

Each week you have the choice of doing the Rx or scaled version of the open workout, so there is something for everyone. 
5) Because it Fun

This reason is pretty simple and speaks for itself.
Just enjoy the experience and give the 2019 CrossFit open a go
sign up at www.gmaes.crossfit.com


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